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The following anomalies are classified for kind reference

1.      Promotion on MACPs / Regular Promotion etc provides just one increment and fixed to the next column at the same Pay level.  This does not mean any Financial Upgradation  to an employee and just an increment in addition to his existing pay.

Example : 
Present Pay                      52000  ( 4200/- Grade Pay)
MACP increment             53600   ( Promoted to 4600/- Grade)
Pay fixed on MACP       53600   ( No benefit on promotion except one Increment)

( Recommendation :   MACP Promotion to be ordered at 5% Increase in the current scale and fixed accordingly )

2.      Promotion to 4200/- grade pay From 2800/- Before Pay commission benefits and Promotion after Pay  Commission to 4200/- has nothing .

Example :

MACP II before pay commission

Present Pay                                           16750  ( in 2800/-)
MACP Increment                                      510    ( @3%)
Difference of Grade Pay                         1400     (4200-2800)
Total Pay as on II MACP                   18660

Pay fixed by 7th CPC with Multiplication factor as 2.57

18660 x 2.57        -  47956            fixed at :  49000

MACP II after Pay Commission

Present Pay                                               16750

Pay Fixed at  16750 x 2.57  =                      43048 

Corresponding Scale in Pay matrix                44100

MACP II promotion  ( One increment)             45400  ( fixed at next cell below)

Corresponding level in the next grade            46200 

Financial Loss on MACP II             49000 – 46200   =  2800/- 

3.      Juniors getting equal pay or More than the senior employees


                              Junior   (MACP I )                                        Senior  ( IP  Pay )

Pay                                             16750  ( 2800/- Grade)                 17790                    (4200/- Grade)
MACP II ( for 4200/-)                       510
Difference of Grade Pay                   1400

Upgradation of Pay for IP                                                                   400                (4600/- grade )

Pay                                             18660.00                                    18190

Pay fixed in 7cpc
(x 2.57)   47956  fixed at         49000.00  (x2.57)  46748     fixed at    47600.00

In the above case a Postal Assistant Promoted On MACP II gets more pay than an IPO who has passed his exam nearly 8 to 10 years back.

If an PA passes the IP examination after 10 years of service he would be fixed at 5500/- scale as per 5th CPC and the PA who has completed 10 years would be only in 5000/- scale with a difference of 5 increments.

But for now the PA who has not taken the IPO exam would be able to get higher pay than an Successful IPO even after Upgrading the IPO grade to 4600/- from 4200/-

The same case would also be reflected with seniors drawing 2 to 3 increments more than the PA who gets MACP after 01.01.2016 and before 25.07.2016.

4.       Small Family Norms allowances as Special Pay .

Formerly the Small family allowances was paid according to the grade pay and now has been taken for abolition by the 7th CPC.

This should be restored or the present employees drawing Special Pay to be continued with the allowances and also at revised rates since 01.01.2016


Pay fixation without assigning the Date of next increment also left many into anomaly.   If the date of next Increment is determined earlier before the Pay Fixation then many would have benefited with an additional increment as on 01.01.2016.


PA drawing  16750 as on 01.07.2016 and has joined during 01.01 to 30.6  will earn an advance increment on 01.01.2016  ie   16750 plus one advance increment @ 3 %  510  =  16750 + 510  =  17260

If MACP II is being ordered during  before 25.07.2016  =  17260 plus 520 (notional increment ) plus 1400 ( difference of grade pay )

= 17260 + 520 +1400 = 49292  and will be fixed at  50500/-  and  52000/- in the date of next increment accruing in next December .

Whereas at present he would earn only   47600/-  without the advance increment and even if the fixation is optioned for next increment ie july 2017 he would earn only 49000/- in 2017.                                                                                

6.       Non upgradation of pay scale to Postmaster cadre.

At present PAs with 5 years of service can take up both Postmaster Cadre exam as well as IP cadre exam
But as of now the IP grade pay has been enhanced to 4600/- where as the Postmaster cadre is still at 2800/- and waiting for upgradation in cadre review to be implemented exclusively for the cadre in the coming days.

An aspiring postal assistant would prefer for 4600/- IP exam rather than Postmaster cadre at present since he cannot take up the same after entering into the Postmaster Cadre with 2800/- as grade pay.

Triple handed Post Offices are now being brought to 4200/- grade pay ie HSG II levels .  When Triple handed Post offices are Placed at 4200/- , Offices exclusively identified for Postmaster Grade I with higher justification and other standards ie LSG offices should be placed at 4600/- grade pay , a step higher than the triple handed Post offices.

If the Postmaster grade I level is placed at 4600/- equivalent with the IPO scale of Pay which is fully justified for the cadre in view of group c cadre review and the operational standards of the Grade offices, Postal assistants would have a choice to choose their career at Par with IPO.

This should be firmly taken up with administration and ensure implementation of the above.

7.       APAR  from Good to Very Good.

This relates to the assessment of the controlling officer and can bias accordingly.  An officer would rather hesitate to remark as “very Good’ in the event of his observation and would be naturally comfortable at “GOOD” .
The Marking should also be changed or columned as follows to protect the interest of the working staff  as follows.

Marks 6 and above should stand confirmed for “Very Good”

Marks between 4-6 stand confirmed for “ Good”  ( The controlling officer should explain as to why the official has been remarked as “Good” with productive reasons and other related documents.

Decentralization of APAR and Delegation of Powers to Lower level officers ie Postmasters /Supervisors would also solve the problem to an extent wherein Postmaster would be allowed to assess  the performance of their staff under control by some technical means and marks to be awarded at their levels and attested by the controlling authority.

This would bring down any arbitrary situations where the controlling authority would apply dictatorship rule over the subordinates.

The Controlling / Appointing authoring should remark based on the performance results and remarks of the immediate supervisor / postmaster of the officials.  Any wide deviations in the remarks should be brought to arbitration with the union and to be settled accordingly.

This should be totally be restored to the old pattern of APAR if there is no other possibility to rectify the same

8.       Rate of increment and fixation levels in the Pay Matrix

Every official has right  to earn an increment @ 3 % every year and the basic pay is to be revised accordingly.   The value result of 3% increment should be fully given and becomes the legitimate right of the officials to get it in full.

The pay matrix levels have wide discrepancies in the next increment level and many slabs fall below 3 percent .  The calculation should be based on next 100 rupees and not nearest 100 rupees above or next.

The pay matrix should be modified in such a way that the value of 3 % is being fully provided to the employee at every stage of his increment . The amount should be rounded off to the next higher 100 rupees only.

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