Friday, 7 April 2017

Dear comrade,
                             We  welcome the proposal by the Department to delete some of the provisions/instructions
               Issued by the Govt in respect of Rule 38 transfer.

                              India post as a department of Govt of India is well spread throughout India and thereby giving an opportunity to its employees to serve anywhere in India or the circle concerned based as the family Circumstances,medical requirements and well defined social cause of living with the spouse and children.

                              The minimum requirement of 5 years ofservice  need to be relaxed .As soon as a Govt  servant is appointed to the Govt departments the official gets married and starts his early married life. Thus the reason for seeking Rule 38 transfer to another divisions arises to join with his spouse from the first year itself.Delay in getting it giving mental agony and frequent visits to his native place  giving room for prolonged leave etc, and in some cases leads to breaking of  married life.To avoid such things, a minimum service of one year may be taken into account for granting Rule 38 transfer.

                              Due to the recruitment policy of the Govt, persons belonging to one district gets appointment In another district or in a distant place away from native place.To avoid paper work due to more no of Rule 38 transfer, counselling for transfer may be arranged in the PTC for those seeking Rule 38 transfers and also among the freshers once in a year or six months,so that officials may get transfer to the divisions  Of their choice by exchanging the place of posting.Example,candidate of Coimbatore district  may get appointed at Tuticorin division and a native of Tuticorin division may get appointed in Coimbatore district.
            General counselling among the freshers and the working officials seeking Rule 38 transfer at the initial stage Itself will be benefited and also this will reduce the paper work at DO/RO/CO level.

                              It is beneficial for both the officials  and department. The provisions that only 2 Rule 38 transfer can be availed in the entire service also is not reasonable and the officials tend to seek  transfer based on their family circumstances ,marriage at the Initial stage of their career and also for medicial and educational purposes in their later stage of service. Some of the officials in the department may be forced to seek transfer as per the postings and promotion Of their spouse serving in other departments ,Banks and PSUs.This condition should be deleted as proposed In the DOP letter.

                               Further some of the officials well settled in their native place seeks temporary transfer to other Places on medicial grounds or for education of their children.There is restriction of 2 years only in the Entire career is a hurdle to the officials and in turn they are forced to resign the job or proceed on VRS.
           This can be avoided provided the conditions of 2 years only is relaxed so that the trained and experienced manpower can be utilized in our or other division.

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